How to Calm Panic Attacks

Have you ever woken in the middle of the night to find that you can’t breathe, or that your mind is racing? Do you get a sudden rush of sweat and feel clammy shakiness too? Maybe you feel you can’t calm your mind during these episodes. Learning how to calm panic attacks is critical, giving […]

The Science of Addiction

Today, we know that addiction or chemical dependence is a disease of the brain. It is more accurately known as substance use disorder. Much progress over the past decade has led to increased acceptance for the fact that substance use disorder is an illness affecting the brain like asthma is an illness affecting the lungs. […]

5 Ways to Make Time for Meditation and Why You Should

If you yearn for a greater sense of calm, a fresh way to focus your attention and positive change in your life, meditation is an effective strategy for achieving it. The best part is it doesn’t require special equipment, just the motivation to stick with it. Meditation takes practice, but over time you’ll learn to […]

Coping with Covid-19 Related Anxiety, Stress and Depression

With so many cases of Covid-19, and all the restrictions and lockdowns across Canada, the mental health of Canadians has been well, a pretty significant topic. Due to the pandemic, social isolation and the uncertain times, we’re seeing an increasing rate of Covid-19 related depression, stress and anxiety in Canadians across the country. We’re just […]