Online Therapy
for Canadians

Easily choose one of our licensed therapists or counsellors for compassionate and effective mental health support.

NEW! Now offering online couples therapy.

As Canada’s pioneer in accessible and affordable online therapy, we’ve helped thousands of people feel, live, and work better.

As Featured In

As Featured In

Benefits of Online Therapy

At Focus, we have the simple goal of making mental health care more accessible for Canadians through online therapy. We connect those struggling with mental health issues and substance abuse with therapists – with virtually no wait times and more affordable prices compared to face-to-face therapy.

We hope to empower you to get the mental health support you deserve by eliminating the barriers of wait times and high costs and by letting you choose your ideal therapist.

Strengthen Your Relationship
with Couples Therapy

Whether you’re facing communication hurdles, navigating conflicts, or seeking to find the spark in your relationship again, our experienced and licensed therapists are here to support you every step of the way. 

Connect from the comfort of home and embark on a journey towards healthier, happier connections with your loved ones. Our tailored approach focuses on understanding your unique dynamics and fostering constructive conversations and solutions to promote growth and understanding.

Mental Wellness at Your Fingertips

Get Matched to the Right Therapist

Fill out our 2-minute questionnaire and get matched with licensed therapists who meet your needs. Select which one you’d like to speak to.

Communicate Your Way

We have phone, video, and text therapy available. Clients also find having text therapy alongside video or phone sessions to be very effective.

Start Your Wellness Journey

Easily attend your therapy session and start feeling like yourself again. Pay online & our services are covered by most extended benefits.

Our therapists can help with:




And more.

Therapy Your Way

Everyone communicates differently, and therapy is no exception. Find the communication style that works best for you, so you can start feeling like yourself again.

Online Therapy- woman texting therapist
Text Therapy

Message your therapist anytime you need through our secure messaging platform. Receive daily texts from your therapist on weekdays. 

Live Video Session with online therapist
Video Therapy

Most similar to traditional face-to-face therapy, easily talk to a therapist through any device with a camera & audio.

Live Phone Session with online therapist
Phone Therapy

Talk to a therapist through any phone device. Great for those who are more comfortable without video but allows more in-depth conversations. 

Meet Our Therapists

Focus Mental Wellness therapists are registered mental health experts, and provide confidential care without judgement. They are experienced in addressing issues ranging from depression and anxiety to substance abuse and relationship challenges. They provide online therapy to help you feel better so you can live better. 


Focus has a very special place in my heart. I often feel overwhelmed in the moment and texting my thoughts to my therapist is a major release to calm me. Having my therapist reply with great ideas to manage stress has helped tremendously. 

Focus helped me become me again when I felt like I was drowning.

– Focus Client


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Get professional therapy for significantly less than traditional in-person therapy. A one hour video or phone session ranges from $120 to $150 (plus tax) and text therapy starts at only $29 per week (plus tax). Most employee benefit and private insurance plans cover our services (be sure to check your own plan coverage!).

Yes, your privacy is very important to us. Focus Mental Wellness ensures protected end-to-end encryption across all devices, and registration information is encrypted using SSL/TLS technology. For more information, please visit our client privacy page.

Yes. Focus Mental Wellness providers are healthcare professionals. Each of our Therapists is registered and licensed through their provincial regulatory body.

Text Therapy allows you to contact your therapist when you need them.

You’ll be able to securely communicate with your therapist whenever you choose and you’ll receive one response from your therapist each weekday.

Many of our clients find it helpful to combine phone and/or video therapy sessions with Text Therapy. It’s easy to book phone or video sessions with your chosen therapist using our booking page.

Get started today from only $29/week (plus tax) billed monthly recurring.  Insurance receipts are available upon request.

Video therapy comes closest to a traditional in-person therapy experience and it has been proven to be as effective as in-person therapy. All you need is a computer or mobile device with a webcam. Sessions are one hour on our secure platform.

Phone therapy is like video therapy but without the webcam. Connect with your therapist on any phone, mobile device or computer with VoIP (i.e. Skype).

You’ll receive a receipt that includes the necessary details to submit to your benefits provider for reimbursement. Most benefits plans include coverage for therapy provided by social workers, psychotherapists and counsellors. 

Please confirm your coverage with your group benefits administrator before booking a session.

Our therapists provide support for a broad range of mental health issues. Depression, anxiety, trauma, substance abuse and many more.

Clients must be at least 18 years of age or age of majority in your province or territory.