How It Works


Get access to the mental health support you need and deserve.

Connect with the therapist who’s best for you and receive professional online therapy for a fraction of the cost of in-person. If you’re struggling, or simply want to gain a different perspective, a Focus therapist can provide the affordable virtual therapy you need to live your best life.

Get safe and confidential therapy anytime, anywhere.

Whether you’d like to talk to a therapist today, tomorrow or next week, it’s easy to book a convenient date and time to begin your mental wellness journey. Both our platform and mobile app provide secure, PHIPA-and-PIPEDA-compliant online video, phone and text therapy.


Talk to a compassionate expert and focus on feeling and living better.

Our certified therapists address a wide variety of issues including but not limited to:

3 unique services to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Video Therapy

All you need is a computer or mobile device with a webcam.


Phone Therapy

Any phone, mobile device or computer with VoIP will work.


Text Therapy

Use your computer or mobile device to text your therapist daily.


*plus applicable taxes and covered by most private health insurance plans.


Start your wellness journey.

Choose your therapist from our diverse network of qualified professionals. Then, opt for video, phone or text therapy, book a date and time that works for you and pay online. If you have private health insurance or an employee benefits plan that covers virtual therapy, submit your receipt for reimbursement.

Start living better with Focus today.



Frequently Asked Questions

Text Therapy allows you to contact your therapist right when you’re dealing with difficult thoughts or emotions. It is also a great resource if you feel like you’d benefit from checking in with someone regularly. 

Once you select your therapist and sign up for Text Therapy, we set you up with a secure messaging thread where you can send a message to your therapist whenever you want or need. You’ll receive one response from your therapist daily, five days a week, along with a comprehensive summary once a week, based on all of the messages you sent to your therapist that week. 

Many of our clients find it helpful to do phone and/or video therapy sessions with their therapist in addition to Text Therapy. This option is available by simply booking additional therapy sessions using our booking page.

Get started for only $29/week plus tax and improve your mental wellness today. Just so you know, this service is charged upon booking with a therapist, with payments recurring monthly. As well, insurance receipts available upon request.

Once you’ve paid online, you’ll receive a receipt that includes the necessary info to submit to your benefits provider for reimbursement.

Most benefits plans include coverage for therapy provided by social workers, psychotherapists and counsellors. Please double check with your group benefits administrator before booking a session just to be sure.

Video therapy is the closest to traditional in-person therapy and has been proven to be just as effective (not to mention necessary in a pandemic). With video therapy, all you need is a computer or mobile device with a webcam to connect with your therapist. Sessions are one hour on our secure platform.

Phone therapy is like video therapy but without the webcam. Connect with your therapist on any phone, mobile device or computer with VoIP (i.e. Skype).

Yes. Every Focus Mental Wellness provider is an experienced healthcare professional registered/licensed with their provincial regulatory body and thoroughly screened and vetted by our clinical team.

Yes. Your privacy is very important to us. Your details will not be stored electronically and will be secured in accordance with the requirements of your therapist’s professional governing body/college. Only your therapist will have access to your information, and we will not reveal client information to any external organization unless we have been authorized by you through signed consent, or we are legally required to do so. Focus Mental Wellness ensures protected end-to-end encryption across all devices, and registration information is encrypted using SSL/TLS technology. For more information, please visit our client privacy page.

Our therapists provide support for several mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, trauma, substance abuse and many more. Feel free to browse our therapist network or discuss your needs with our Focus Care Coordinator at 1.844.669.4278. They can help suggest specific therapists based on your style, preferences and needs.

Absolutely! You get professional virtual therapy for about half the cost of face-to-face therapy. A one hour video or phone session is just $95.00 (plus tax) and daily text therapy is only $29.00 per week (plus tax). And it may not cost you a thing – most of our services are covered by employee benefits packages as well as insurance plans. Be sure to check your coverage before moving forward.

Clients must be at least 16 years of age or older.