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Coping with Covid-19 Related Anxiety, Stress and Depression

With so many cases of Covid-19, and all the restrictions and lockdowns across Canada, the mental health of Canadians has been well, a pretty significant topic. Due to the pandemic, social isolation and the uncertain times, we’re seeing an increasing rate of Covid-19 related depression, stress and anxiety in Canadians across the country.

We’re just so used to visiting family and friends, working, and of course travelling. And the recent restrictions on social gatherings and lockdowns are definitely having a significant impact on the mental health of thousands.

Apart from their health, people are worried about their jobs, finances and concern of whether life will ever return to normal. Canadians are asking a lot of questions during these uncertain times and right now we simply may not have all the answers – and that’s okay.

These are feelings that are normal responses to crisis that can provoke stress, anxiety, loneliness and depression. Many people are simply feeling at a loss.

Individuals experiencing Covid related anxiety or depression might be able to feel some relief in understanding that the pandemic won’t be forever.

Another great way is to change the negative focus and control emotions during times like these is to focus on the positive. Unfortunately, when people feel isolated, alone, depressed and experience a significant change to their daily routines, they can get into spirals of negative thinking. The world is going through a difficult and challenging time and with so much negativity being the main focus, well, positive emotions tend to be harder to find.

Those suffering from Covid-19 related mental suffering can in fact experience these uncertain times at a much greater level than others. When individuals are depressed, the main focus tends to be on all the surrounding negativity. To simply start to understand how this negativity impacts your life is the first positive step to changing your focus.

Covid-19 related depression, stress, anxiety and mental health can have a serious impact on the lives of Canadians. Mental health support and guidance is an important step to ensure people get the help they are looking for.

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