Josh Berg

Josh Berg

I am collaborative, understanding, and hopeful in helping clients work towards finding purpose in their pain. Perhaps you are struggling with feelings of shame and fear? Worried about not being enough? These feelings often leave us stuck, not knowing how to proceed with life, complicating relationships, and filling us with anxiety. My work helps you […]

Sydney Bell

Sydney Bell

I am a social worker and psychotherapist with over twenty years of experience in the field. I provide strengths-based support to folks struggling with issues such as self-worth, body image concerns, and life transitions. My work as a therapist is to create a safe and nonjudgmental space where growth can take place for those looking […]

Michèle Mani

Hello there. My name is Michèle, it’s good to meet you. You’ve taken a big step coming here, and so let me share a little about myself and how working together can help.  I help people to feel more like themselves again. Over the past 20 years, I’ve worked with clients who wanted to make a […]

Gigi Zila-Fahd

There are certain points in life when circumstances become too challenging to manage and work through alone. Sometimes we lose our direction and feel so overwhelmed or lost that we cannot find our way back to a place of joy or inner peace. Therapy can help you overcome the challenges you are experiencing and find […]

Trisha Obanor

Finding the right support for life challenges can be stressful and disheartening. Being vulnerable with a stranger can equally be challenging and intimidating. I provide a non-judgemental and safe space in which you and I can work together towards your desired outcomes.  I offer a holistic approach to therapy and create a collaborative and supportive […]

Jayne Stewart

I approach therapy with the understanding that we can all benefit from having a safe relationship in which we can openly discuss our lives and be met with genuine compassion and strategies to help us build upon our strengths. I work with people who live with anxiety, depression, stress, grief, guilt, shame, interpersonal conflict, and […]

Brandy Gryshik

Therapy can be offered in many different ways. I am here to offer therapy in a personalized way where we work as a team towards healing. Sometimes we know what that means in your first appointment; and more often times it means we engage in emotion focused work to find that answer. During appointments, your […]

Vinita Singh

My primary focus has been with children, youth and their families, providing support with behavioural, social and emotional concerns. My practice is mainly based on Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. My goal is to help clients realize their potential by breaking down their judgements to be their best selves. I combine evidence-based […]

Thelma Abankwa

My philosophy is to walk with you on your journey to improving your well being, and assist you in finding the tools you possess in order to cope with life’s challenges. I provide a safe and non-judgmental environment for you to process and heal. I am a Registered Social Worker and believe in a holistic […]

Cristina Lamonica

Are you looking for support, to make sense of a situation or to make personal changes? I am here to help. I provide a non-judgmental, compassionate approach in my psychotherapy. I am a registered social worker (OCSWSSW 800102) using CBT, DBT, Mindfulness and several other strategies to help people reach their wellness goals. Available In: Ontario […]