(TORONTO) – January 28, 2022 – Novus Health, a leader in health navigation and wellness solutions, is partnering with Focus Mental Wellness, a provider of private online mental health and substance abuse counselling across Canada.

Novus Health has seen an increase in requests for therapy and mental health support throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, a poll of Canadians conducted by CAMH found that 50% of Canadians reported worsening mental health since the pandemic began with many feeling worried (44%) and anxious (41%). The long-term effects of the pandemic are only starting to be realized, but early data suggests that the mental health of Canadians continues to be adversely affected, even as COVID cases decrease.      In order to better support the mental health of our members and continue to provide access to the right care at the right time, Novus Health is partnering with Focus Mental Wellness.

Focus Mental Wellness is a virtual online therapy clinic that provides secure online video, phone and text therapy for individuals and their families struggling with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, relationship problems, trauma, as well as substance abuse.  Focus Mental Wellness also offers flexible solutions for organizations looking to support their employees, members, or patients with an easy-to-use and anonymous way to access mental health and substance abuse services.

Novus Health members seeking mental health support can be referred to Focus Mental Wellness by Novus Health’s health navigators as part of its extended mental health ecosystem. This ecosystem utilizes a stepped-care model to deliver the right care at the right time. Access to Focus Mental Wellness’ mental health tools and services will give members the opportunity to obtain counselling quickly, at less than half the price of face-to-face therapy.

Novus Health clients have asked for a robust solution for their members’ growing mental health needs. Our health navigators hear firsthand the frustration and confusion as members try to find mental health resources. The Novus Health team proactively sought out a solution to help our clients. Our partnership with Focus Mental Wellness fills a gap that EAPs and other providers are unable to fill right now. It rounds out our mental health ecosystem by combining our services with counselling and other partners who provide moderate to severe mental health services and mindfulness training to ensure that members access the right support at the right time.” – Robin Ingle, Chairman & CEO, Novus Health

About Novus Health

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