Everything You Need to Know About Online Counselling in Canada

online counsellor talking with client on computer

  If you struggle with mental or emotional issues, it is important to find the support you need. Online counselling in Canada allows you to access mental health care with registered mental health experts across Canada. When you consider that close to 53% of Canadians reported their mental health was either somewhat worse or much worse due […]

What is Relationship Anxiety? Signs & Straightforward Steps for Overcoming It.

Relationship anxiety between two people

You are in a loving and trusting relationship with someone who makes you feel good. But, you still have worries and doubts. Perhaps you’re familiar with this feeling?    You may ask yourself, “how do I know this is the right person for me?” Or “what if this relationship doesn’t last?”    This anxiety can […]

How to Use the Wheel of Emotions to Detect Your Mood

Woman with wheel looking confused

Have you ever had a feeling but struggled to find the words to express it? Perhaps you’re enthusiastic about the prospect of something fresh — a new career opportunity for example — but you are also feeling another sensation in addition to the joy: something you cannot quite put into words.   Let’s face it, […]

The Anxiety Ring: TikTok’s Latest Trend or Does it Really Work?

Lady with anxiety ring on her finger

(Image by KENZ via Etsy Shop) Anxiety Rings (also referred to as worry rings or spinner rings) have been all the rage on social media lately, trending on TikTok, and since blowing up Instagram and Twitter. And while many of us can agree that these rings are beautiful and may enhance your personal style, we’re […]

What is a Caduceus Group?

A Caduceus Group is for Healthcare Professionals Most of us have seen the symbol “Caduceus” on our favourite medical show on Netflix or Crave but are less familiar with its use as the name for a healthcare professionals’ group. The Caduceus symbol (left) is often confused with another symbol, the Rod (or Staff) of Asclepius […]

Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder: Why the Struggle is Real and What to Do About It

“We’ve all got to be thinking about ‘what are we doing to try to take care of ourselves?’ — Owen O’Kane, psychotherapist According to Owen O’Kane, who coined the term, “Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder” is a form of Covid-19 induced Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder based on distinct pandemic-induced traits. Each and every one of us, in our […]

How We Can All Help to Improve Mental Health in Black Communities

When our mental health is suffering, we seek a way to get help. This is often done through finding the support of a therapist or counsellor; a professional who is experienced in helping others through their struggles. But what if there are barriers that prevent us from finding the care we need? Currently, we are […]

Why Your Workplace Needs to Promote and Prioritize Mental Health

It’s been almost two years since the world was rocked with the news about the pandemic. Every day our minds have been flooded with updates about COVID-19. We have watched the cases surge and drop like a roller coaster, and with each time, so too have our emotions. Have you taken the time to prioritize […]

Let’s Talk Winter Blues

If you find yourself struggling more than ever these days, you’re not alone. January is known as the most difficult month for Canadians. Post-holiday credit card bills may still be piling up, new year’s resolutions may be long broken, and the dark, freezing days of winter wreak havoc on our moods! On top of this, […]

Live Better With Focus

When Greg Rennie and Marion Adams founded Hasu five years ago, their goal was simple – to make mental health and addiction support accessible to all Canadians. Greg is an experienced Psychotherapist and addiction specialist whose clients would tell him that after treatment they wished they could go out into the real world with him […]