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How Therapy Can Help Save Your Relationship

There’s certainly a lot of information out there about relationships and definitely a lot of different opinions.

On the one hand, some might say if a marriage is not working out or if you have fallen out of love, it is alright to move on, to find your happiness. Others might say do all that you can to save a marriage, especially if there are children involved.

The answer differs depending on your circumstances. There is such a thing as a deal breaker, but until you have experienced a “deal breaker” you won’t know how you will manage it. For example, some people say that an extra-marital affair is a deal breaker, until they experience it, and they then realize they are able to forgive their partner and work through things under the right circumstances. Other deal breakers may involve your partner having addictions, being abusive, or being chronically unemployed.

At the end of the day, it’s important that your choices leave you and your dependents feeling safe and free from harm. One thing to remember is that your relationships are a reflection of you and your emotional state. No matter how many relationships you have, they are likely to repeat the same patterns until you have done your own personal work. Reaching out for therapy can be the most important step you take.

Therapy can help you sort out and navigate the confusion around making relationship decisions. It’s very important that if you need support when you come to a crossroad in your relationship, that you seek support from a therapist with training in marriage counselling, even if you are seeing this therapist individually. Your personal therapist should also be different from your marital therapist to maintain objectivity.

You can reach out to Focus Mental Wellness Clinical Team if you have any questions about the therapy process, or simply visit our website if you would like a consultation around your relationship needs.

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