Tense? Anxious? Frustrated at work or in your relationship?
These feelings are common but when they become too much a part of your life, they can become overwhelming and lead to depression, panic attacks and disruption in relationships at home or in the office. You can learn to manage these emotions and the resulting stress. You can build your self confidence and have more satisfying relationships. My role is as a resource – a skilled person who can help you learn more about yourself and develop new skills to reduce stress, facilitate success and create more happiness.

Available In: All Provinces and Territories

Focus: Anger, Anxiety, Relationships, Couples Therapy, Depression, Family Issues, Grief and Loss, Trauma, PTSD, Stress, Burnout, Unwanted Thoughts and Behaviours, Work or School Issues, Loneliness, Motivation, Self-Care, Self-Esteem, Sleep issues

Degree: University of Toronto – Doctor of Philosophy

Insurance: Please submit the receipt from your session to your insurance company for reimbursement