Milena Urbanajc

I have over ten years experience supporting individuals struggling with mental health issues. I believe it takes courage to ask for help and that you have the ability to mobilize your inner coping techniques and learn new tools. I am trained in Grief and Bereavement Counselling and can help you with loss, whether it be […]

Dr. Rubina Rahiman

My strengths and core values are compassion, empathy and creativity. I’m a licensed mental health practitioner with a medical background and diverse experience in the fields of education and counselling. Cultural sensitivity is my asset, I stand out as an experienced mental health counsellor with my work experiences in Canada, the U.S., Europe, India and […]

Krystal Dodd

I am a Registered Psychotherapist with CRPO. I enjoy working with individuals (youth and young adults) who are seeking guidance and support around anxiety, feelings of low self-worth and self-esteem, moderate depression, feelings of isolation and other related areas they might be currently overwhelmed by. I can help you with my skills of understanding, being […]

Laura Nault

I am an enthusiastic, caring, compassionate, and empathetic individual who strongly believes that mental health is a pandemic on its own. My passion is being a voice against stigma and a great listener and provide supportive words to those who are living with mental health challenges like anxiety and depression. I welcome my clients to […]

Katherine Shuflita

I am a Registered Nurse and have over 20 years experience in healthcare. I truly believe in the power of talk therapy to heal from our past and move into the future with the skills and knowledge to face new challenges as they arise. I believe our relationships are the foundation of life and that […]

Farella Anderson

I value and respect the opportunity to work with people from all backgrounds who are facing the struggles of life and may run into obstacles regarding their mental health. I also strongly believe and embrace the uniqueness of each client whether it pertains to race, culture or sexual orientation. My primary aim is to help […]

Renata Samigullina

To me, working towards mental health means working with the whole person by taking into account their emotional, physical, social, and spiritual states of well-being. We know that factors, such as stress, nutrition, relationships, and physical health can impact the body and brain in diverse ways. I will work with you to create a plan […]

Graydon Clipperton

We all have moments in life that are challenging and can at times bring us to our knees. Your challenges are being felt right now, and my goal is to identify and relieve your suffering by creating a plan within a safe and trusting setting! I was first trained as a counsellor in 1979 and […]

Ellie Dobreva

I am passionate about helping people realize and tap into their own inner strength and helping them move through the stages of change and healing, at their own pace. I respect that each person is unique and holds unique cultural, personal, and societal values, and I keep this in mind during our sessions. Using person […]

Natalie Velbovets

I build my practice on a deep belief that every individual is unique, and valuable and is the best expert in his/her own life. I believe that despite the difficulties you may experience in your life you know what you need and I am ready to help you in a manner that is relevant to […]